The Ultimate Man Cave Pool Table Buyer’s Guide

So you’ve decided to revamp your man cave and add a pool table, huh? Shooting pool together with your friends and family will certainly bring you closer!

Before you go out and make such a hefty purchase, though, check out our guide below. We go over how to pick out a man cave pool table as well as review some of our favourite picks.

Let’s get to it!

Top 3 Man Cave Pool Tables

We’re going to start off with our top three reviews for the best man cave pool tables. One of our three picks will surely meet your needs and suit the theme of your man cave.

1. Best Overall: GoSports Pool Table

At first glance, the GoSports table appears simple, be it in design or build. The frame is 6′ and is made from a combination of manufactured wood and honeycomb.

In addition to the table’s thick 2″ rails, altogether, this pool table is made to withstand even the most competitive of players.

Not only that, but the GoSports pool table is one of the few models on the market that feature built-in leg levellers, similar to the Ksports model below. This crafty advantage allows you more flexibility when setting up and adjusting your pool table to your preferred level.

Because the GoSports was crafted with convenience in mind, the fact that it’s foldable also means that it’s not as sturdy as other pool tables. To achieve its compact form, short-lived yet high-quality materials were used.


  • Simple design and a straightforward setup process
  • Rugged construction that can handle the most competitive of players
  • Lightweight, foldable, and can be easily transported from one place to another
  • A space-saving yet stable frame, in addition to a scratch-resistant bed felt


  • More pricey than the two other models mentioned below
  • Unsturdy material, meaning, the pool table won’t last for more than a few years

2. Best Value: Ksports 8FT Pool Table

Ksports offers a pool table that’s fun for the whole family. It’s pretty big at around 8ft long and is manufactured from durable wood.

Its modern design of laminated rails and frames, plus the stylish red-coloured felt makes for a striking addition to your man den.

The product’s thick tabletop and legs will surely extend its lifespan. Despite the fact that assembly is required, you’re guaranteed a pool table that’ll last in the long run.

Similar to the GoSports product, the Ksports features leg levellers, although not built-in. However, they’ll still keep the table even during play. The Ksports pool table is also heavier and setting it up is more complicated.


  • The included table tennis surface makes the product suitable for children
  • The sleek black, modern design renders it ideal for any man cave
  • Durable, sturdy, and high-quality wood, plus a well-built frame, all at a fair price
  • Guaranteed a smooth pool game since the felt is made from high-speed wool


  • Despite its versatility, the table is pretty heavy and takes up much space
  • Compared to standard proportions, its dimensions aren’t regular-sized

3. Best Budget: Rally and Roar Mini Tabletop

If your man cave doesn’t allow for standard-sized pool tables, then the Rally and Roar mini tabletop is the best choice for you. It’s a budget-friendly option and will provide you with the essentials you look for in any pool table.

For starters, this mini product can fit any man cave and can be folded, just like the GoSports model, to a compact size of 3.5″.

It’s available in multiple colours and has a traditional, rustic design. To add, at 40″ long, this pool table, unlike the others, has rubberized dampers on its legs to hold it steady.

However, this Rally and Roar product was built only for casual use and aesthetic purposes. Its material and bed frame won’t last in the long term, unlike the Ksports table, for instance.


  • An ideal option for a miniature pool table that’ll fit small-sized man caves
  • Quick set up, foldable, and easily transported due to its lightweight of 14 lbs
  • Legs feature bumpers made from rubber for extra stability
  • Includes large balls plus heavy cue sticks for an authentic shooting experience


  • With the absence of leg levellers, it may be difficult to adjust the table on uneven ground
  • The material from which this table is made isn’t scratch-resistant

Features to Consider in a Man Cave Pool Table

In this section, we go through the factors you need to keep in mind when looking for a pool table that best suits your man cave.

Size and Style

Pool table sizes are measured in feet. Bar-style tables are typically 7ft and standard ones are 8ft, while the professional size is 9ft long. Depending on the dimensions of your man cave, you want to choose your pool table accordingly.

When it comes to style, you have English or American pool tables. The main difference between English and American tables is size, where English ones are smaller.َ

Quality of Design

The design of your man cave pool table includes the legs, frame, bed felt, rails, cushions, and pockets. Each part plays an important role in maintaining the overall structure of your table, so make sure that the quality is up to standard.

Raw materials, such as plywood and stone, are what we recommend if you’re looking for optimal performance at a reasonable price. Other options include fiberboard and permaslate.

Type of Bed Felt

Bed felt refers to the table’s surface and should be picked out carefully. For your man cave, you have two options: an MDF bed or a slate one.

Slate is a natural stone that’s flat and heavy. It’s the standard for most pool tables, but can be pretty pricey as a result of its durability and extended shelf life.

MDF wood bed tables, per contra, are more susceptible to damage but are more reasonably priced.


This guide’s goal was to help you pick a suitable man cave pool table so you can enjoy some billiards with your family and friends.

That said, we recommend the Ksports pool table if you seek the best value for your money. This table’s modern design is sturdy and durable enough for regular use in your man cave.

A more inexpensive option would be the Rally and Roar Tabletop for those who are on a limited budget. And if you don’t mind splurging a few extra dollars, then the GoSports is your best bet.