Man Cave Neon Signs Buyers Guide

Man Cave Neon Signs Buyers' Guide

No man den is complete without a neon sign. It’s a fun, aesthetic addition that spruces up the interior of your man cave.

In this guide, we’ll help you pick one from the man cave neon signs below and tell you what features matter most in a neon sign.

Let’s begin!

Top 3 Reviews for Man Cave Neon Signs

We’ll go through our top three favourite products before we get into what you need to look for in a man cave neon sign.

Best Overall: GUAN-O Martini Glass Neon Sign

Our first choice is the GUAN-O Martini Glass neon sign, made from blue, yellow, green, and red hand-blown neon tubing. It features bendable LED tubes that can last longer and are more energy-efficient than glass ones.

Additionally, this design will be a favourite for those who enjoy the occasional cocktail. It’ll also fit perfectly with any man cave theme—especially if it’s bar-style.

When setting this neon sign up, you can easily mount it on a base and conveniently use the on-off switch to turn it on.

Unlike ADVPRO’s Man Cave sign below, GUAN-O’s Martini Glass is lightweight. That does come at a price, however. In addition, the material’s quality isn’t the best, meaning it can be easily broken or fractured.


  • Quick installation due to its straightforward design
  • Not too flashy and features a durable metal grid
  • No extra wiring required


  • Rather expensive for how simple it is
  • Fragile and susceptible to damage and scrapes

Best Value: ADVPRO Man Cave Neon Sign

A neon sign that’ll serve its purpose is the customized Man Cave neon sign provided by ADVPRO. The company specializes in high-quality neon signs made from chrome and multi-coloured, hand-blown neon tubing.

ADVPRO used red, green, and blue neon tubes with this product. Not only does this make the sign shine warmly, but the metal finish also makes the light last longer. Like the GUAN-O’s model, this man cave neon sign doesn’t need extra wiring upon set-up. Instead, hang it against a wall and enjoy the glow!

That said, this ADVPRO product is quite expensive. Since it features lasting materials that aren’t commonly used in the market, its value is pretty high. This neon sign is relatively heavy, too, and can be hard to put up compared to its peers.


  • A clever style that’s suitable for any kind of man cave
  • Both tarnish and scratch-resistant, which increases its longevity
  • A durable, chrome metal grid
  • Powered by industrial strength transformers


  • Not budget-friendly due to its use of high-quality inner tubings
  • Difficulty setting it up

Best Budget: E-ONSALE Neon LED Open Sign

For those looking for a budget-friendly and vintage neon sign, E-ONSALE has you covered with their Neon LED Open Sign. The one feature that makes this product stand out from ADVPRO’ is the use of LED neon lights. They’re more energy-efficient and won’t consume as much power.

Another advantage this neon sign has is that it’s standard-sized. The model’s dimensions are 60 x 4 x 33cm, making it suitable to hang in any man cave regardless of space. Plus, it’s only 0.5kg, so you can easily hang it from a chain on the door. The previous models are too heavy to do this with.

The drawback of the E-ONSALE neon sign is that, unlike the ADVPRO product, it’s made from low-quality manufacturing materials. This may lead to issues in functionality and longevity. Not just that, but the light range for this sign is limited to 90 meters.


  • Inexpensive, traditional, and stylish design
  • Uses bright, eco-friendly LED lights
  • Manufactured from lightweight metal that’s easy to set up
  • Its size suits both small and big man caves


  • Limited light range
  • Short shelflife due to the use of cheap materials

4 Features to Consider before Buying Man Cave Neon Signs

Now that you may have picked out a suitable neon sign for your man cave, we’ll explain the main four features to keep in mind before buying one.

Type of Neon Gas

There are five types of neon gas that are commonly used in neon signs. These include Neon, Argon, Xenon, Krypton, and Helium. When an electric current passes through each, it results in a different colour.

Additionally, the value of the neon sign goes up the more gases are used. All the previous neon gases are abundant, so they’re not hard to obtain. However, Krypton and Xenon aren’t energy-efficient gases.


Considering the previously mentioned facts about neon gases, you’ll notice that they highly affect the price of a man cave neon sign.

Using energy-consuming gases will bump up the electricity bill and boost the value of your neon sign. It’s recommended then that you opt for more eco-friendly neon gases, such as Neon and Argon, that won’t consume as much power.

Size and Style

An essential feature of buying a man cave neon sign is the kind of style it is and the space it’ll occupy. That means you need to factor in how much wall room you have in your man den.

Style, on the other hand, will depend on the purpose that your man cave serves. If it’s more of a bar-style place, then a cocktail or happy hour neon sign will be ideal.

Neon or LED

LED neon signs don’t contain neon gas and are instead made out of thermoplastic acrylic. Such signs are known for consuming less energy than typical neon signs and for being scratch-resistant.

We recommend knowing beforehand what kind of tubing is used in your neon sign for that reason. You certainly don’t want a power-eating sign in your man cave.


In our guide, we hope we’ve helped you pick from the man cave neon signs available in the market today. Make sure that you choose a neon sign that’s durable, long-lasting, and reasonably priced.

We recommend ADVPRO’s man cave neon sign since it speaks for itself. This product offers you great value at a fair price. Plus, it’s a guaranteed upgrade to your private den. For a more affordable choice, though, go with the ultra-bright Open sign.