Man Cave Gifts: Ideas and Inspiration

Man Cave Gifts: Ideas and Inspiration

For every man, a man cave is a sacred place. More often than not, women aren’t allowed inside, and attitude is left at the door. Men go into their dens to have fun and fun only, so the only invitees are food, drinks, and board games.

Do you know what every man cave needs? Cool gifts and gadgets all around to give the full cool ambience. No man would spend two minutes in a man cave unless it has at least a mini-fridge and an LED sign with a funny design.

If you’re buying a gift for your man, friend, or bro, here’s a complete list of ideas to inspire you!

Electric Water Dispenser

Because mini-fridges can’t fit both water and drinks, every man cave needs a water dispenser too. It makes it easier to get water rather than going outside to get bottles. The dispenser is compact and easy to use.

You attach it to the top of the water container, and it bumps the water automatically. Most similar dispensers work manually, but this one saves you the effort. All you have to do is click on the button at the top, and it’ll dispense water.

The dispenser has a USB port for charging, along with a hole for the pipe. The pipe is made of stainless steel, so it’s safe for water. It’s also resistant to rust, making it a healthy option for long-term use.

When the battery is fully charged, the dispenser can keep working for 30 days, so you don’t have to charge it frequently.

Viking Drinking Horn

How cool is that? That Viking drinking horn will raise the bar for anyone else trying to get gifts. It looks like a real Heathen soldier will be drinking out of it, and the holder that comes with it is nothing short of cool.

According to the manufacturer, the drinking horn is handcrafted from an ethically-sourced ox horn. It has a natural texture that makes you feel like it just got out of a forest. And to complete the package, the horn comes in a medieval-designed burlap sack.

If your man has a large group of friends, you can get drinking horns for them all.

Shotgun Coaster Set

Men like anything with a shotgun, so this coaster set is a no-lose gift. It has an authentic design that makes you feel as if the bullets are real. On top of that, the coasters have ‘12-gauge’ written all over them to give a vibe for hunting.

The coasters have pads on the bottom so they don’t slip on glass or smooth surfaces. The material also won’t scratch the tables. I doubt men in a man cave will care about that, but anyway.

The coasters are large enough to fit under all glasses and bottles, and the holder that surrounds them keeps them from scattering.

Scented Candle Gift Set

All men secretly like scented candles; that’s a fact! So, if you saw your husband or brother staring at your scented candle or taking a long whiff, why don’t you get him one for the man cave?

This scented candle set includes three candles in an aesthetic gift box that’ll look good on any shelf. That’s not the best thing, though. The candles are manufactured using a patented technology that causes natural crackling wood sounds. So, when you light the candles, you get the effects of an authentic fireplace.

Paired with the natural scents, the candles will give a much-needed upgrade to the man cave!

Horse Race Game Set

If your man has competitive friends, there’s no better gift to get him than a horse race game. It comes with a scorecard for the bets, so the group will feel like they’re betting on an actual race.

The game comes with its board, 11 horses, a dry-erase scoreboard, and two die. There’s also a pouch for storing the tiny pieces.

When the men aren’t playing, the horse race board can be used for decoration, placed on a shelf or a side table.

Star Wars Playing Cards – Silver Edition

If your man recently joined the dark side, he’ll love this gift. Every man cave needs a playing card set for the group to have fun. When it’s black and star wars-themed, the fun doubles.

The cards are made from eco-friendly, sustainable materials, topped off by premium silver ink. I don’t doubt the men will especially like the Darth Vader king card!

Steel Tip Dartboard Set

No man cave is complete without a dartboard, especially this one from Viper. It looks like any conventional dartboard, but it’s made with high-quality materials to ensure it doesn’t wear down with use.

For one, its fibres are self-healing, so when the darts poke holes through the material, it returns to normal shortly after. On top of that, the bullseye is tap-free, so you don’t find the dart bouncing back out when it hits the material.

There are some extra good features as well, such as the movable number ring. In addition, the board comes with two sets of darts, totalling six ones.

The board has an 18-inch diameter, suitable for both large and small rooms. It’s not too small that you can’t see the panels, and it won’t take up much space on the wall either.

Professional Darts Set

If the man cave already has a dartboard, you can get this dart set as the perfect gift. The darts from CC Exquisite aren’t like the standard ones with green and red colours. Instead, they have unique flights with golden and black designs for an extra flair of elegance.

But that’s not the best thing about the set. It’s definitely the customizable darts. When you receive the set, you get the barrels, shafts, and flights separate. You get two length options for the flights and shafts. That way, you can experiment with different combinations until you reach the perfect balance.

Generally, every person has his own correct dart configuration. This set will help your man and his friends get theirs, thanks to the customizable darts. I’d say it’s one of the best gifts for a man cave if the group plays with a dartboard frequently!

Aurora/Northern Light/Star Projector Light

It’d be boring to have a man cave with standard lighting. Most man caves have dim light settings, and for these settings, an aurora projector is necessary for a cool ambience.

This one from VSM has the main lamp on top of it, along with two sub-lamps on the sides. The main lamp gives the northern light effects in 55 different light effects. Meanwhile, one of the sides is for the moon, and the other shows a laser effect.

The projector comes with a remote controller for adjusting the settings, and it connects to Bluetooth devices. It’s pretty easy to use, and it comes with adjustable brightness settings.

Bar Open Marquee LED Sign

Who doesn’t love vintage LED signs? Well, I do! This Bar Open sign will be the perfect addition to a man cave, especially if there’s a minibar.

The sign is designed like old marquee signs, with vintage light bulbs and all. It’s 25 inches long, which is a good size for average-sized walls. It also only weighs three pounds, so it can hang on any anchor comfortably.

The sign includes four LED lights, along with one replacement bulb. There’s a switch on the bottom for easy switching on and off.

You’ll be able to hang it right away, thanks to the keyholes in the back. However, it doesn’t come with batteries, so you’ll have to provide those if you want to give the complete gift.

Dragon Backflow Incense Burner

I know a group of friends in a man cave probably won’t care about aromatherapy. But when the incense burner looks like this, I guarantee you they’ll get excited about it!

The dragon-shaped burner is rugged, manly, and powerful, which are precisely the things men are looking for in their caves.

The burner is small enough to fit on any shelf or side table. It comes in a vintage-themed gift box and includes 20 free cones.

The burner creates a de-stressing sound while emitting smoke, making it seem like a water fountain. The smoke also looks like water, coming out of the dragon’s mouth and pooling at the bottom like a hot spring.

Mini Fridge with Ice Box

All man caves need mini-fridges. So, when your man has some friends over, they can share cold cans and keep their snacks cool. This mini-fridge from Kuhla doesn’t disappoint, especially with its stylish design and the Game Zone art on the front.

The fridge doesn’t offer plenty of space, but it’s functional enough for a man cave. It comes with one shelf that can be removed to give more height space. It also has a small icebox, which comes in handy for cold drinks.

According to the manufacturer, the fridge can fit up to 42 330ml cans, which is more than enough for a man cave.

3D Skull Flexible Silicone Ice Cube Mold Tray

I don’t know about you, but I love ice moulds. Having a skull swirling inside your glass, even if you’re just drinking water, is a fun sight. It adds an edge to drinking and makes you feel like a real goodfella.

This mould from Shaped makes 3D skulls larger than most regular trays. The skulls are around 2.4 inches wide from a side view, which is large enough to appear clearly in the glass. Thanks to the tough silicone, the skulls are slow-melting as well, so you’ll see them swirling in the glass for a while.

If the man cave already has a mini-fridge and an icebox, maybe you need to get this mould tray as a gift to complete the package.

Man Cave Wall Decor

If you don’t already know that about men, they love setting rules. So, the My Cave My Rules sign will be the perfect gift for any man. It gives garage vibes, and it has two slots on the back for hanging it.

If you want to give the man cave an edge, wall arts are the way to do so, and this sign is no exception.

Scratch Off Map

In any room, map wall arts add a vintage/rustic vibe. A scratch-off map is even better because your man will get to scratch the countries he visited and customize the wall art. If you live in a family that loves travelling, the map will be the perfect gift for the cave!

The map comes in tube packaging, and the package includes a guitar pick that you can use to scratch the countries. There are also a couple of sticker sets for the map.

Handgun and Bullet Ice Cube Tray

This guns and bullets ice mould tray looks like something straight out of the Godfather movie. It includes cavities for six guns and 20 AK47 bullets. So, you can drop a gun and a couple of bullets in your glass and have fun watching them melt away!

The moulds are made from food-grade silicone, which meets the European LFGB safety standards. It’s free from PVC and BPA as well, making it entirely safe for food and water use.

The tray isn’t only for ice; it can be used for candies and pudding as well. Although I doubt your man will make candies in his man cave, the tray is perfect for some cool ice pieces. It’s an offer you can’t refuse!

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, there are endless gift options for man caves. Men are simple, and they love cool gadgets. If you want to get pieces of decor, you can choose either the Rules wall art or the scratch-off map.

On the other hand, if you want a functional gift, you can get an electric water dispenser or a mini-fridge. Pair that with a funny-shaped ice tray, and you get the perfect gift package!

And of course, no man cave is complete without a dartboard to top it off!