Man Cave Fridge Buyer’s Guide

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A man den is never truly sustainable unless it has a fridge for cold beverages. After all, it’s quite inconvenient having to go back and forth from your shed to the main kitchen. 

That being said, we’ve put together the guide below to help you pick out a man cave fridge best suited for your needs. No matter your needs or budget, one of the units reviewed below will suit your needs. 

Let’s begin!

The 3 Best Man Cave Fridges

First off, let’s go through some of our favourite man cave fridges. In this section, you’ll find our reviews for the top three leading mini-refrigerators in the market today. 

1. Best Overall: Jodoao Compact Refrigerator

The Jodoao compact fridge is a great option for those looking to save as much room as possible. Since it’s around 49.8cm high, it can neatly fit anywhere you want it to. It’s relatively at countertop height, with a glass door that helps you see what’s inside.

Not just that, but this Jodoao model features a front vent, meaning you can have it built-in for added space. The Jodoao also has adjustable, durable shelves. In other words, you can easily take them out to restock your cans.

Though the Jodoao fridge is ideal for storing 330ml or 550ml bottles, it can be quite an expensive purchase that it won’t be suitable for buyers on a tight budget. 

Also, it has an LED interior light and a wide temperature range. Both these features increase the appliance’s energy consumption. 


  • Compact size with the dimensions 44.5 x 49.8 cm
  • Maximum capacity of 65 cans
  • Features a carbon filter that cools beverages quicker
  • The design includes a security lock for baby-proofing


  • Comparatively more expensive than most models available
  • Consumes a lot of energy and isn’t eco-friendly

2. Best Value: Advwin Bar Fridge

At a reasonable price, the Advwin bar fridge offers you functionality and durability. This 1m3 minifridge has an incredible storage capacity where you can store almost eight six-packs of cans. As an added plus, it has a relatively small carbon footprint.

Similar to the Jodoao model, an Advwin fridge features an LED light and a digital temperature knob. The cooling vents are also in the front so that you can store the appliance wherever it’s most convenient. 

Unlike the previous item, however, Advwin has a double-paned glass door, which adds to its insulation capabilities. 

The Advwin bar fridge is available in a glossy black, so it’ll certainly fit the theme of your man cave. 


  • Can hold around 46 standard cans 
  • Features digital controls to adjust temperatures to your liking
  • The glassdoor design helps reduce its carbon footprint
  • Adjustable shelves to make room for large bottles


  • The compressor is noisy when it stops to reboot
  • Interior insulation won’t work well in hot man caves

3. Best Budget: Black & Decker Energy Star Compact Refrigerator

The Black & Decker compact fridge isn’t only energy-star certified, meaning less money spent on bills, but the design is also incredibly stylish. With a matte finish and a door that opens on either side, this appliance can store up to five standard-sized cans.

Unlike the two other units above, this fridge has a full-width freezer with separate temperature controls. Not just that, but the fridge has adjustable legs beside slide-out glass shelves. This renders the appliance both space-saving and convenient.

While the Black & Decker fridge is an excellent option for those tight on room and money, its compressor can get quite noisy. 

The appliance’s exterior can dent pretty easily too. This shows that the material’s quality isn’t on par with the Jodoao fridge, for instance.


  • The reversible door saves space
  • Comes with an ice tray and an in-built freezer
  • Compact size plus a sleek black modern design
  • Budget-friendly and energy-efficient


  • Can get pretty loud
  • Relatively limited storage capacity

Features to Consider Before Buying a Man Cave Fridge

In the section below, we take you through the most important features you should keep in mind before picking out a new man cave fridge for your den. 


Depending on how many people typically hang out in your man cave, you’ll have to choose a fridge that can satisfy all. 

The minimum capacity for a man cave fridge is 6 litres, meaning it’ll be able to hold around six 330ml cans. The maximum holding range for a mini-fridge, however, is 12-14 litres. 

Note that it’s not recommended that you completely fill the appliance with drinks as this directly affects its performance.


A man cave fridge comes in the following designs: cube, mid-sized, and counter-high. Each design will take up a different space. The most compact one is the cube-sized fridge.

You also need to choose a proper door style. You have glass, stainless steel, and concealed. We recommend glass since it’s inexpensive and fairly convenient. Stainless steel is a lot more durable, but it’s also more expensive. 

Energy Consumption 

Your man cave fridge is most likely going to stay plugged in the entire time, which means you need to look for a refrigerator that’s energy-star certified. 

An energy-saving trick would be to turn the appliance on a few hours before company arrives.

That said, the amount of power a fridge consumes will depend on its design and features. So, if you don’t want a hefty energy bill, we recommend picking out a mini-fridge with good insulation.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, our guide has helped you figure out what kind of man cave fridge you want in your shed. Before making a purchase decision, consider the main features the fridge should have, including functionality, design, and size. 

That said, we recommend splurging a little and going for the Jodoao compact fridge. It’s tall, won’t take up much space, and will hold all types of beer for you and your friends. Plus, the glass door adds extra convenient points. 

For a more budget-friendly choice, go with the Black and Decker model.

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