18 Man Cave Entertainment Essentials You Can’t Live Without

Football plays on a big screen tv with beer, chips and nuts in the foreground.

You can put anything in your man cave. It’s the room that gives you the most freedom in your own home—like a break from your house inside your house!

No one will judge you if you decide to install a giant pool table in your man cave or if you decide to hang cheesy posters on the wall. It’s a free area that operates under no law, and you’re allowed to do whatever you prefer with its design.

Here, I’ll list some of the most wanted man cave entertainment essentials. Of course, you don’t have to put them all in your man cave, but you can draw inspiration and know what you want to own.

Smart Hub

If you want to achieve the ultimate entertainment in your man cave, the best way is to create a smart hub. By creating a smart hub, you connect all electronics around to one device, so they’re controlled remotely.

You’ll be able to control the sounds, lights, TVs, and any other electronics from the comfort of your chair. I’d say that’s the ultimate dream for most men.

Pool Table

It’s a no-brainer that a man cave should have a pool table. Unless you’re not a billiard fan, you need a pool table to be the central entertainment piece in your man cave.

You can even base your interior design on it, matching the other furniture pieces to the traditional green colour. Or, you can get a cue rack and a billiard light and create a design statement.

TV Centre

‘What do men do in man caves, anyways?’ Said every woman ever.

Men go into their man caves for a break from their daily life and for entertainment. To achieve both, you need a wall-mounted TV with a couple of furniture pieces pointed at it. 

You can use the TV to watch movies or connect a Playstation console and start playing. Alternatively, you can always replace the TV with a PC centre and a gaming chair if you prefer gaming.

When designing your TV centre, go all out on the tech gadgets. For example, you can get the Philips Hue device to imitate the lights on your TV or get any form of smart lighting around the seating arrangement.

Man Cave Rules Sign

Rules signs are on the outdated end of the spectrum, but who said men care about that? These signs are cool, and they add an authentic touch to your man cave. They serve as a cheeky reminder that you’re the king of the room, and all invitees should submit.

More often than not, the rules on the sign are funny, like ‘no women allowed’ and things like that. So if you like some harmless fun, get one and hang it on your wall.

You can buy these signs anywhere; there are even some available on Amazon

Comfy Couch

No entertainment is complete without a huge, comfy couch for you to lay down and sprawl while playing or watching TV. 

Choose an oversized couch to fit all your friends when you invite them over, and make sure its cushioning is comfortable enough because you’ll be sitting on it for long hours. You can even get a couch that doubles as a bed in case you want to have a sleepover in your man cave.

Even better, choose a couch with cavities for cups and glasses, so you don’t need to keep a table nearby.

Movie Projector

If you’re a movie enthusiast, you’ll need to prepare your man cave for it. You can’t have a night of watching The Godfather or Goodfellas on a traditional TV. That just kills the vibes.

Instead, buy a movie projector to mimic the movie theatre experience. You can designate an area in your room for it. All you have to do is get a projection screen for the image, or a light-colour wall will do. Then, connect the projector to your laptop or mobile phone, and have the movie projected on a large cinema-like screen.

Of course, a projection screen is the better option for clarity. You’d also have to dim the lights to see the movie’s details clearly.

Your Throne

Your man cave isn’t complete without your throne, which is basically a huge, comfy recliner pointed at the entertainment centre of the room. 

Recliners were made for man caves; they’re comfortable, powerful, and masculine. After a hard day at work, you want to enter your man cave, turn on the dim lights, and sink deep into your recliner, enjoying the leathery feel around you.

If you want the most you can get out of your recliner, you can go the extra mile and get one with massage settings. Nothing hits better than a back massage right inside the comfort of your home. 

Just make sure your recliner has cup holders and storage pockets for your newspapers and magazines. You can also get it with a footrest for extra comfort.

Hidden Door

What’s cooler than a hidden door? Nothing; that’s a fact. 

Many men want to keep fellow family members out of their caves, so they opt for hidden doors. Some men also do it for the sake of children and to keep out noisy guests. However, even if you don’t care to hide the man cave from watching eyes, a hidden door is a brilliant design statement.

It gives a sense of mystery to the man cave, almost like the hidden room of a mafia boss. And at least you’ll make sure no guest wanders inside, and you’ll get no one who’s not invited.

You can create your hidden door anywhere, as long as you match it to its surroundings. You can have it on a bookshelf, a mirror, or simply cover it with matching wall paint to the wall beside it.

Mini Fridge

Nothing is entertaining about going outside of the man cave to get water and a couple of soda cans. You can either get up from your comfy chair every time you want a drink, or you can buy a mini-fridge and install it in your man cave. What do you think is a better idea?

When buying a mini-fridge for your bar, make sure it’s small enough not to take a large chunk out of the room. At the same time, make sure it fits some water bottles and soda cans, and maybe some snacks.

If you have a bar in your man cave, you can place the mini-fridge on it.

Foosball Table

Remember how Joey and Chandler frequently bonded over a foosball table? What’s to say you can’t do the same? Men love foosball, so having a table in their man cave seems only legit.

Before man caves became the hype, most men had foosball tables in their basements. Plus, they were a staple in bars at some point. Maybe it’s time to get your own table and create a game room in your man cave.

Colourful Lighting

If you have a dark-walled man cave, you’ll want to get some colourful lights to match the aura. You may get a couple of LED strips and install them in different places around the room. That way, you can turn off the lights and enjoy the dim lighting of the strips.

Alternatively, you can get contemporary light fixtures to give your room a hue, like this corner lamp that gives off different colours.

Neon Signs

Neon signs were all the hype back in the ‘60s, and they still make a bold statement on any wall. It’s true that you don’t stumble upon them in the streets anymore, but there’s nothing to say you can’t have a couple of them in your man cave.

Neon signs give the place a casino vibe, and they add a touch of fun. You can get a creative neon sign for your bar or have a traditional one on any wall in your man cave. You can even go the extra mile and customize one for yourself with your name on it.

Boxing Bag

Do you want to blow off some steam after a long day at work? Why don’t you install a small boxing bag in your man cave? It’s entertaining, and you can have fun competitions with your friends using it. Plus, it’ll match the aesthetic of your room if it’s sports-themed.

A boxing bag isn’t essential in a man cave, but it’s a funny addition to have if you have enough space for it. It’ll also be a nice gadget if you’re a sore loser, so you can take your frustration out on it after losing a Playstation match!

Speakers System

If you plan to party hard in your man cave, you’ll need a speakers system for that. Even if you don’t party, it’s fun to have your favourite song blasting around when you’re lounging. Or, you can listen to classical music when you’re in the mood for it.

You don’t have to go over the ceiling with the speaker’s system. Only one speaker will suffice, especially if your room is small. Just make sure to place it away from your ears and somewhere where the sound won’t be obscured by something else.

Mini Golf Set

Are you bored with the TV and pool table? Why don’t you have a go at the mini-golf set? 

Of course, for that, you’ll have to buy it first.

Mini golf sets are a great way for golf enthusiasts to enjoy their favourite game inside the comfort of their homes. If you have enough space in the room, you can lay the golf mat on the ground and have some fun.

There are golf mats available for both single users and friends, so you can choose whatever is more suitable for you. If you have enough space for a friend’s set, it’ll be a pretty fun game to have with your group.

Dart Board

A dartboard is a staple in every man cave. Even if you don’t use it, you still should have it on your walls; that’s a rule among men.

If you and your friends want to have some fun, you may play rounds on the dartboard and see who has the best eye for the target. Even better, you can get a customizable dart set and keep practising until you find your perfect configuration!

Ping Pong Table

Ping pong tables are man cave classics. Although nowadays, man cave designs are ditching ping pong tables and having pool tables instead, ping pong is still fun and humorous. 

If you love the sport, you can install a table in the centre of the room and have rounds with your friends. Or, if the room is too small for that, you can buy a portable ping pong set and install it anywhere whenever you want to play. It’ll be the perfect game for a late-night camaraderie with your friends.

Scratch-off Map

Are you passionate about geography? The best way to display your passion is to hang a scratch-off map on your man cave’s wall. It’s a nice addition to any decor with its colours and design. Plus, you’ll have fun scratching off places you’ve visited or plan on visiting.

If you’re not one for travelling, you can always play a game of geography with your friends and have them guess some countries. In all cases, a map is a fun accessory to have in your man cave.

Closing Thoughts

There are multiple man cave entertainment ideas you can implement. Choose what you love the most, and base your room on it.

For example, if you plan on getting a pool table, you can match the room’s layout to it, making it out to be the centrepiece. The same goes if you’re installing a ping pong table.

On the other hand, if you prefer media entertainment, you can prepare a huge TV set with some recliners in front of it. And don’t forget to get a couple of smart light gadgets to complete the look!

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