15 Inspirational Man Cave Design Ideas

Man screws mancave sign to a door

Your man cave is your den, your comfort zone. You want it to be edgy and powerful but comfortable and cozy enough to spend a lot of time in.

If you have a large group of friends, you’ll want to design it with plenty of seating space. And, if you’re a sports fan, you wouldn’t mind having a dedicated wall art.

With these considerations in mind, all left is to find the inspiration for your man cave design!

I’ll help you with that; look at the man cave designs I listed below. They fit every taste and every budget.

Sports Bar

If you’re a sports fan, it’d be a shame to have a man cave that doesn’t say it aloud. This one is designed with a sports bar, oversized comfy chairs for gaming, and framed jerseys on the wall for a cool touch.

The dark walls perfectly fit the theme, and the wall art in the centre of the bar is eye-catching and interesting.

While the cave seems expensive at first glance, you can apply the same design on a tight budget. Wall arts don’t cost that much, and painting your walls black should be affordable enough. As for the chairs, any black leather ones will do.

If you don’t do gaming, you can replace the screen setting here with a wallboard game.

Billiard Cave

Nothing says ‘masculine’ more than deer head decor on the wall. And since most men want to convey power and masculinity with their caves’ designs, this one fulfils all.

The green walls give off a natural vibe. Paired with the deer decor and the wood flooring, it makes the room look like something out of a forest.

If you want to replicate this rustic design, aim for brown, wooden furniture. The ceiling fan is the cherry on top of the cake, and it fits within the layout as if it’s the last piece of a 2000-piece puzzle.

Modern Edge

I don’t know about you, but I’m all about modernism; that’s why I’m in love with this design. The room is meant to convey a laid-back yet powerful atmosphere. The laid-back ambience is reinforced by the comfy chairs and the large gaming screen.

Not only that, but the pool table is also centring the room to give a message that entertainment is the goal here.

The dark, sleek floors and the grey walls serve to complete the look, but the room needs to be large enough to accommodate them. Dark walls generally make the space look smaller, so if your room is already small, lighter shades will be the better option.

Sports Media Room

This one is only for hardcore baseball fans! The central design concept is to show the owner’s love for the sport, conveyed by the display showcase on the left. The helmets and gloves displayed in the cabinet give the room an authentic vibe. Additionally, the human-sized wall art makes you feel as if you’re in an actual stadium.

The focal point of the room is the brick wall, which is meant to bring a piece of nature inside. Nowadays, brick walls are a huge trend, so you can browse all options and find your favourite.

Luckily for a lot of men, this design is easy to implement in a tight space. There’s no huge pool table or a bar to take up space.

Minimalistic Cave

Minimalism is all about creating a bare space with no clutter, no bright colours, and no accessories. It’s a design concept that revolves around clear lines, basic essentials, and monochromatic colour palettes.

This man cave here perfectly gives off the minimalistic vibe, with the light shade on the walls and the lack of decor gadgets around the room.

The basketball area is meant for entertainment, which is the primary purpose of man caves. However, it’s added to the decor delicately, not to obstruct the room’s clear design.

Light walls work exceptionally well in tight spaces, and they make it seem like the room is larger than it is. If you don’t have a large room for your cave, minimalism maybe your best option.


The room is tight but you want to include all the needed amenities for a man cave? Why don’t you take a look at this one here?

The room is exceptionally tight, but the designer managed to provide extra space by building a mini floor to create a seating area.

If you do the same, you can have your main entertainment centre on the main floor, then create a seating area for gaming on the extra floor.
I wouldn’t go for the bright blue colour in this example here; instead, maybe a light wall to convey a larger room.

Cigar Room

If you’re on the 50+ end of the spectrum, you may want to go for a design that’s more like a cigar room than a man cave. This Reddit user managed to transform his space into an elegant man cave.

He talks about the design in detail in this YouTube video. The room is large, which enabled him to create a separate seating area in front of a wall-mounted TV, a bar, and a mini kitchen. There’s also a vast space for the pool table separated from all the previous ones by a wall.

The designer opted for wooden floors and dark walls to give off an elegant vibe. He managed to seal the look perfectly well by choosing leather chairs and contemporary light fixtures.

Though this cigar room needs plenty of space to implement, you can take inspiration and do it in a smaller room. You may create a room that only consists of a seating area and a pool table without the hassle of a bar and a mini kitchen.

Old British

This man cave may be the exact opposite of the minimal one I listed earlier. It fulfils the three C’s that defy the very existence of minimalism; it’s crowded, colourful, and cluttered.

Though this room is a part of a store, you can use its old British concept to design your own man cave. The only bright colours in the room are those in the British flag, and the flag makes a vivid appearance on the guitar mounted on the wall.

The leather couch is the epitome of masculinity with its dark colour and powerful aura surrounding it. Meanwhile, the designer crowded the room with a lot of gadgets and accessories on the shelves, opting for a cluttered design to give some noise.

The design is best implemented in a large room because of the dark walls and floors. You can also hang a deer head somewhere to give a rustic touch.

Biker’s Den

If you’re a biker, or you love bikes in general, take a look at the design of this store. Everything in the design is dedicated to bikers, starting from the bike in the front that makes a bold statement and up to the helmets arranged neatly on the shelves.

Though I doubt you’ll want to use your bike for your man cave decor, you can take inspiration from this room.

The leather couch and chairs are easy to find; all you need is a Scandinavian-designed rug underneath, and you have your seating area ready.

As for the wall decor, you can buy a couple of replica helmets and arrange them on the shelves, similar to the right wall in this store. And, of course, you need some biker wall art to top off the design.

Theatre Room

If you’re not one for games and pool tables, you can make your man cave out to be a simple theatre room. In this example man cave, the design is simple and minimalistic.

The two leather chairs look inviting and comfy, and the Goodfellas poster never fails to add a badass touch.

For the screen, you can get a projector to get a large image, or your wall-mounted TV will do.

Graffiti Walls

Graffiti walls are always associated with the streets, but what if you bring them inside?

This man cave’s main design idea is the graffiti walls. The designer even used natural brick walls to complete the vibes.

To balance out the bright colours in the graffiti art, the rest of the room is all about neutral tones. The chairs are grey, the floors are brown, and the brick walls are a mix of both. Even the accessories in the room are all brown with no bright colours.

If one of your friends is an artist, you can get him to do the graffiti for you. When it’s customized, or when you do it together, it gives a much deeper meaning!


If you love country interior design, take a look at this basement that turned into a man cave. It’s designed with beige and brown shades to fulfill the country vibes, and the use of wood in the furniture further expresses that.

The room is pretty basic, having a dining table and a separate seating area. The focal point of the design is the bar, which you can implement in a much smaller space if you’re on a budget.

If you want to add a rustic touch, you can get a barrel beverage container and place it somewhere around the bar.

And if you don’t need the dining table, you can always replace it with a pool table or a foosball table.

Dark Casino

We already spend the majority of our days between white walls and ceramic floors. If you want your man cave to give you a break from everyday life, you can opt for this dark casino-inspired design.

The cave is meant to be a theatre room, conveyed by the seating arrangements and the large screen in front of the chairs. To give room for more people to watch, the designer used raised floor for a couple of the chairs.

For entertainment, there’s a conventional pool table on the side, but you can replace it with anything else you prefer.

The main concept of the room is the dark green walls and the matching checkered floor. The reddish-brown leather chairs are perfectly matching the aesthetic as well.


If you want to take the classic road, you can replicate this man cave design. It doesn’t have anything extra. Like all man caves, it contains a wall-mounted TV, a pool table, and a dartboard for entertainment with the group.

And to add to the functionality, there’s a mini kitchen with a bar and chairs in front of it.

The room doesn’t make a bold designs statement or use dark walls. It utilizes a modern design with simple walls and a light-coloured floor. There’s a piano on the side for the sake of balancing out the design, but you can always ditch it.

Beige and Red

The man cave here is simple and small, but the use of red and beige colours adds an unrivalled harmony and a sense of elegance. The room only consists of a small bar, an area for the pool table, and a small seating setting on the side.

The pool table dons a beige colour to match the aesthetic, and the light fixtures add a contemporary flair. Since red is the only bright colour amid the beige and black haze, only small bits of the room have the colour, like the wall art and the pillows.

The colour palette is the next best thing about this man cave, right after the simple, no-fuss design.

Closing Thoughts

Men are getting more and more creative every day with their cave designs. There are vintage man caves, ones designed like cigar rooms, and ones that look like they’re in the middle of a forest.

Depending on how much room you have, you can choose the best aesthetic out of the above and implement it. Most of them don’t need a huge load of money, and you can always make your own adjustments to the design to fit your budget.

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